My story


It all started with my wedding ring, I was searching for an original design and went to a lot of different jewellery shops and designers finding many that were either out of my price range or just not what I had in mind. I had loads of ideas but nothing seemed to fall into place.

Therefore, I decided to do my own design and met a talented goldsmith. We worked together, I designed my ring and he made it. The result was stunning, I used my grandmother’s diamond and gold from my old jewellery and with the goldsmith’s skill created the exact design I had in mind.

I was asked by my family and friends to design pieces for them and then realised that I had a flair for it.  I decided to use my design skills and renew the experience by doing it for other people. I find the process so interesting, to give new life to a piece of jewellery or to make a piece from scratch instead of leaving them to gather dust, unused and unloved. So together with my production partner we can collaborate and create a design that you have in mind using an old piece of jewellery you don’t wear anymore or create a design you have always wanted but never seen for sale.