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Wedding Rings


I designed this ring for my customer Anne and reused her 18ct yellow gold pieces which included yellow gold rings, a pendant and diamonds. Anne wanted more than just a wedding band. She was looking for a dainty ring that stood out. Three little engraved dots were added to the band to represent members of her family. 


This one of a kind oxidized remodelled yellow & red gold ring has a red garnet inside the band. Our customer wanted a nice oxidised effect on his gold ring. We also used his own yellow and red gold and added his grandfathers red garnet inside the band in a square setting.

Both rings have huge sentimental value as the yellow and red gold came from their families.

remodelled wedding rings
remodelled wedding rings
remodelled jewellery gold and diamond ring

Engagement ring

This 18ct yellow gold contemporary ring was designed by myself and made by my goldsmith. I have added 3 little geometrical shapes at the front of the ring, one cylinder, a ball at the centre and a square. Each element holds a little diamond.

There are six diamonds which have been placed in the front of the ring and 3 others spread through the band. the ring is not too thick which makes it very comfortable to wear and so unique. 

remodelled yellow gold engagement ring
remodelled yellow gold engagement rings

My Wedding Ring

I designed my ring to represent a branch and the diamonds are representative of fruit / flowers blossoming on the branch. We used palladium to make the ring and my own diamonds (they came from a ring that I wasn’t wearing anymore).

There are a total of ten small diamonds on this ring, three placed in the front of the ring and seven others spread through the band. This piece has a nice flow, that fits perfectly around the finger and the band is not too thick which makes it very comfortable to wear. I feel it makes quite a statement!

bespoke white silver wedding ring
custom wedding rings

Wedding Bands

Federica and Franco got married a few years ago. At the time they picked wedding rings that they liked but realised that they wanted to change the design to make them more personal.


This ring was made by reusing our customers white gold. It’s a minimalist & modern design with 2 different finishes and thickness. One side is done with a V hammer type of finish and the other side is a mat finish.


His ring is a thick white gold band with a brush finish.

remodelled jewellery wedding rings
remodelled wedding ring
remodelled wedding rings