Jewellery Designer & Founder

Born in Paris, Julie is the founder of Bold Lines Jewellery. She moved over 10 years ago from Paris where she worked in a Music School and finished her Master Degree in Art & project Management. Since she was a child, she always had a passion for art and design. Architecture, interior design and decor objects are her main inspirations and she also takes a lot of inspiration from her  environment and the people she meets. Her signature is described as a juxtaposition between geometrical and organic shapes. She is passionate about designing and making contemporary jewellery, using hand sketches/3D or wax designs with both traditional and modern techniques to make each piece of jewellery. 

A few years ago, she designed her own wedding ring and reused her grandmother's ring and diamonds to make her new ring. She loves the idea of the Before and After process and I find it so rewarding to see my customers fall in love again with their new jewellery piece! Her goal is to capture each of her clients unique personality, journey and style and reflect this in each custom piece she designs.  

Each bespoke commission is lovingly made to order, by hand and designed with longevity in mind in her studio in Kildare. Julie  repurpose old unused gold jewellery into timeless wearable pieces that can be enjoyed and loved for a lifetime. She also designs bespoke pieces from scratch, sourcing fine metals and special gemstones for her customers.

As well as  working on commissions, Julie decided she wanted to make a line of contemporary designs and sell them to the public. This capsule collection is composed of lightweight pieces made from recycled materials, with the idea to develop the range with fine metals such as sterling silver, vermeil with different shapes/volumes.She wants to create a minimal and simple line of jewellery with a contemporary twist that helps people to express themselves but where the piece complements the wearer's style without catching all the attention. Her collection called “Growing” will evolve with her audience’s taste and their style and will focus on sustainability from the design/making process to the packaging used.