The growing Collection

The growing Collection

The growing Collection

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My new collection called Growing is composed mainly of earrings made in sustainable brass and gold plated, with the idea to develop the range with fine metals such as sterling silver, vermeil. The idea of the collection is to make pieces inspired by the work of the artists from Calder to Leon Polk Smith and translate them into intricate and wearable pieces of art. These stylish contemporary pieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear, the goldilocks size – not too big and not too small – but dramatic enough to make an impact. Minimalist and abstract in design, these are timeless and elegant and will compliment the wearers’ style without catching all the attention.
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Care instructions

Gold plated

For gold plated jewelry, the best way to maintain its appearance is to remove it before cleaning, crafting, playing sports, swimming, showering or sleeping.

Please note that over time,  water, perfume and rubbing can damage gold plated jewelry. They should therefore be taken care of and cherished.

The best way to protect your piece is to put it back in its jewellery box and clean it occasionally with a soft cloth.

Raw brass will naturally acquire a patina over time and take on a pretty bronze hue. Some will appreciate this more antique style, but it is also very easy to restore it to its original shine in a few moments, with a soft cloth.


It can oxidize over time or brighten up depending on your skin's pH. It is a normal non-toxic process, as the jewel ages with you!

Avoid Perfume, water, spray, cream, store in your black jewellery box. Clean your piece with a soft cloth.

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